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WARNING: 10 Ways You May Lose RM1,000 In The Coming Days, If……

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The police are tightening grip on SOP-flouters with RM1,000 fines.

While many shops are eagerly opening their doors to customers to rejuvenate their businesses, the public seemed to have forgotten about the pandemic that is still going on.

Here are 10 ways you may lose RM1,000 in the coming days:

1. Failing To Wear A Face Mask Properly

Beginning 1st of August, face masks in public transports, crowded places and places impossible to social distance are mandatory.

2. Hanging Out Till Past-12am

Unlike prior to the MCO, convenient stores like 7-Eleven, eateries like mamaks and gathering places like pubs must close by 12am.

3. Sitting Beside One Another

A one chair gap at the same table must be observed at all eateries.

4. Standing Too Close To One Another

A one-metre gap must be observed at all payment counters, mall entrances and so forth.

5. Placing Tables Next To Another

Eateries must space a two-metre gap between tables at their respective outlets.

6. Failing To Take Temperature Tests

Both store operators and patrons will be guilty for not recording temperature checks at the entrance.

7. Failing To Prepare Hand Sanitizers

Store operators must prepare hand sanitizers at the entrance of their respective outlets.

8. Skipping Quarantine For Raya Gatherings

Everyone returning by any modes of transportation from abroad must undergo a mandatory 14-consecutive-days quarantine at designated centres. You cannot take leave for Raya gatherings.

9. Aidiladha Gathering With More Than 20 Pax

The Aidiladha gatherings with friends, family and relatives are limited to 20 pax at any one time.

10. Overcrowding Cow Sacrificial Rituals

At any cow sacrificial rituals, there can be no more than 20 people gathering. The number of cows allowed will depend on the size of the venue.

Violators of any of the above will be subjected to a fine of up to RM1,000 under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

Malaysia will also likely reimpose the MCO if new cases start rising to three figures.

Surely, we do not want all efforts in the past four months to go down the drain. Right?


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