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Warisan Banks On Diversity For Support

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Warisan Plus parties are banking on mass appeal instead of race to win the people’s support in the forthcoming election.

This is because the coalition draws strength from its diversity, said Warisan deputy president Datuk Darrel Leiking.

He said this was unlike opposition parties in the state which tended to claim they were multi-racial parties but reflected otherwise through their actions.

“That’s the problem in Sabah, the opposition are not honest to the people as they tend to focus only on one demography,” he said after launching the Warisan Sepanggar division AGM here today.

Leiking, who is Penampang MP, said all the partners in the ruling coalition, namely Warisan, Upko, DAP and PKR, were multi-ethnic parties.

Even Upko, which was seen as a KDM outfit before, has now undergone a rebranding, he said.

“We saw how Upko progressed from a KDM-based to a multi-racial party, so I don’t think we can say they are KDM alone,” he said.

Another falsehood, Leiking said, was the opposition’s allegation that Warisan was illegal immigrant friendly.

This often repeated allegation, he said, was nothing but the opposition’s tactic to sway support.

“There is no way Warisan, Upko, DAP and PKR will ever support the legalisation of illegal immigrants.”

Towards this end, Leiking said the federal government should not force the state to accept its policies without prior consultation with the state government.

Two months ago Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin had proposed the use of the IMM13 as the standard document to resolve the illegal immigrant problem in the state.

Besides the IMM13 many migrants presently also hold the Kad Burung Burung and Census Card.

Warisan’s Youth chief Datuk Azis Jamman is not convinced it is a good idea, pointing out that fake IMM13 documents also existed in the state.

“So when you introduce this and at the same time the fake ones are still out there, how can you solve this problem?”

Azis, who is sepanggar MP, concurred with Leiking that Hamzah should have discussed with the state government before announcing plans to use the IMM13 as a standard document.


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