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PAS Appointed? No Big Deal, Only A Small Matter Says Jeffrey Kitingan

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PAS’s historic entrance to the Sabah State Legislative Assembly is not a big deal, STAR President Jeffrey Kitingan was quoted as saying on Thursday.

In a WhatsApp Group conversation between himself and officers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries which he leads, Jeffrey said “Appointed Assemblyman is only a small matter”.

Snapshot of Jeffrey’s conversation with his officers

He went on to accuse those opposing PAS’s appointment as failing to see the views and perspective of others.

“Sometimes people see only their side and fail to see other views and perspective.”

Last week, Jeffrey who is also Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah said rumours of PAS’s appointment is “fake news”.

But PAS made history today, when State PAS Secretary Aliakbar Gulasan was appointed as the party’s first ever State Assemblyman in Sabah, despite not contesting a single seat in the recent elections.

Aliakbar is also the Malaysian Cocoa Board Chairman.

Talks of PAS’s appointment became the talk of the town since late September, when UMNO Secretary General Annuar Musa announced it is likely PAS will have an appointed Assemblyman in Sabah.

Annuar’s tweet in late September, confirming a PAS rep may be appointed

But it was heavily criticised by most Sabahans, who view PAS as being irrelevant and not suitable in Sabah because of the Islamic party’s extreme views which tends to polarize society.

For the record, in December 2018, Aliakbar who is today Sabah Appointed Assemblyman lambasted the Sabah Council of Churches for “not being sensitive towards Islam” when the SCC raised concerns over the influx of Muslim teachers to Sabah from West Malaysia.

Snapshot of Sabah PAS’s Facebook post, quoting Aliakbar lambasting the Sabah Council of Churches

Aliakbar’s statement on Daily Express, lambasting the Sabah Council of Churches

That same month, leaders from Tawau PAS and Kalabakan PAS made a police report against the 2018 Christmas and New Year Eve celebration.

PAS leaders from Tawau and Kalabakan making a police report against the 2018 Christmas and New Year Eve celebration

The police report by Tawau PAS and Kalabakan PAS

They claim the celebration which includes a speech from a bishop and choir performance violates Article 11 of the Federal Constitution.

In August this year, PAS caused another huge uproar when its Ulamak Council Chief Nik Muhammad Zawawi claimed the Christian Bible is distorted.

The comment received brickbats from the Christian community in Sabah and Sarawak.

He then went on to claim the Christians have no right to be offended as what he said was the truth.


  1. hanya orang yang tidak pernah alami suasana Sabah saja akan mengatakan benda ini hal kecil kerana PAS itu bukan parti asal di Sabah tapi yg dibina d Malaya

    • Iya bha pula, pkr tu tubuh di kawasan mana di sbah tu bosku, sma dap tu siapa tu yg pengasasnya tu yg sbahan tu kungsi2 dlu bah di sini.. kita bincang mana yg tida ngam ni.. biar diharmonikan..

      • Ko cerita pkr sma dap jauh sekali ba gaman.. durg ada tanding.. yg pas tiada tanding, apa hal pula ada slot adun dilantik.. klu bgitu bagus pbs star pun kasi kerusi d kelantan…


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