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How A Decisive Shafie Checkmated Musa And Muhyiddin

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Ever since Muhyiddin was sworn in as the 8th Prime Minister, he has been playing politics full time. But this time, Sabah’s Shafie Apdal checkmated him.

Only fools believe that Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is not interested in playing politics.

Only fools believe he is focusing on fighting fighting Coronavirus.

How could he not play politics when his Government could collapse any minute?

He locked down Parliament to foil a vote of no-confidence.

He dished out hundreds of GLC positions to maintain the support of Members of Parliament.

He dropped Tan Sri Musa Aman’s 46 corruption charges to unlock the cashflow needed for crossovers.

The backdoor PM is a busy man plotting and scheming to prevent himself from becoming the shortest serving prime minister.

Musa Aman, the biggest crook in charge of Sabah’s mafia timber organization, was freed by Muhyiddin’s newly appointed Attorney General Idrus Harun in less than a month after another crook – Riza Aziz – was discharged of money laundering involving US$248 million (RM1.25 billion), which were misappropriated from Malaysoan sovereign wealth fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

The decision to drop all 46 corruption charges against Musa was very obvious.

Muhyiddin wanted Musa – the richest man in Sabah – to overthrow Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal, who is aligned to former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who in turn has been trying to overthrow the Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin.

If Shafie falls, his block of 11 Members of Parliament would also collapse, giving the razor-thin Backdoor Federal Government a confidence booster.

Sabah is perhaps the only state that could fall even if you command two-thirds majority support. This, Sabahans know.

But credit to Shafie who is breeding a new generation of leaders with integrity.

None of those who defected are original Warisan founders or leaders. The original party founders or ‘pejuang asal’ who formed the party in 2016 stayed put.

The only former Opposition who could not resist temptation is Keny Chua Teck Ho, the Inanam YB from PKR, a Semenanjung based party. He is an avid supporter of Anwar Ibrahim.

As for the few so called Warisan YBs who defected, they were originally from BN who crossed over after May 2018. Perhaps because none of them were given any position despite their crossover to Warisan, they became unhappy with Shafie.

Yesterday morning, Shafie announced that Tuan Yang Terutama (Governor) Juhar Mahiruddin has consented to the dissolution to pave way for a state election within 60 days, after rumours spread like wildfire that Sabah had collapsed.

Interestingly, Musa was trying to convince the Governor to reverse his decision to dissolve the state assembly and to instead appoint him as the chief minister.

Using Covid-19 outbreak as an excuse, the corrupted Musa also known as Mr. 30% argued that a state election would put people’s lives in danger.

He has even complained that to hold a state election is a costly and time consuming affair.

Well, did he not think of these when he was launching a coup?

It seems Musa, and Muhyiddin for that matter, does not seem to have confidence of winning Sabah through the ballot-box, and prefers through the backdoor method instead.

If the plan had gone through, it would be Muhyiddin’s second victory of snatching power through treacherous manner.

But Chief Minister Shafie was ready from the beginning to foil the evil coup.

After Musa announced yesterday that he had enough number to take over the Sabah state government, Shafie decisively made the tactical move to meet the Governor on the night itself to seek consent to dissolve the assembly – and successfully got the letter of approval the next morning.

Had Shafie crowed all day long with empty rhetorics that his Warisan government was still stable, refusing to make a decision to promptly meet the Governor last night (July 29), Sabah would have collapsed.

With the dissolution, at least the people will get the opportunity to choose their preferred government, and not get an illegitimate government through an evil coup.

What is more amazing was how Shafie mobilised his media units to disseminate the Governor’s letter exercising his authority as per Article 21(2) of the Sabah State Constitution to dissolve the Legislative Assembly.

Photos of the gazette and notification to the Election Commission was also quickly disseminated to put an end to any confusion Musa was trying to create.

Here’s the best part – because the dissolution was gazetted at lightning speed, the doors for Musa and Muhyiddin are closed. There will be no chances for Musa and Muhyiddin to launch a coup.

Armed with dozens of luxury vehicles, Mr. Musa even had tried to force his way to the Sabah State Palace to demand that he be sworn in, only to be stopped by police roadblock set up.

It seems the Governor is deliberately ignoring the “message” from Muhyiddin government and had no intention to grant any audience to Musa.

Hilariously, Musa was the same drama queen who mysteriously left the country after he lost the Sabah state in the 2018 General Election. He had claimed to suffer from “grave medical condition”, so serious he could not return home to be sworn in as Sungai Sibuga assemblyman!

Of course, after all his 46 corruption charges were dropped, he suddenly recovers – as healthy as a horse.

Desperate to cling to power, Muhyiddin’s representative has reportedly offered up to RM60 million each to Shafie’s boys to switch sides.

But for Musa and Muhyiddin, spending hundreds of millions in hard cold cash to topple the Sabah state government is definitely less riskier than to hold a state election.

It is unknown whether the 13 traitors have been fully paid for their betrayal. But common sense says payments would be made only after Musa successfully topples Shafie government, which unfortunately had backfired spectacularly.

If the kataks are lucky and smart enough, they should have demanded and received some non-refundable deposits from Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin.

There’s a chance, however, that the 13 traitors may have gotten nothing at all. Worse, they might be slaughtered by angry voters in another 60 days.

The simple fact that former PM Najib Razak has expressed his shock and displeasure over Shafie’s move to dissolve the Legislative Assembly suggests that Muhyiddin government probably did not anticipate a state election.

Well done Shafie for being decisive for the people of Sabah!


  1. To be brutally honest, we vote because we want to save Sabah!

    And to be brutally honest, for the candidates, their ultimate reason to be in politics is not because they’re keen to save our nations, it’s because of personal gain – project! And duit duit duit…

    At the tense moment like this we get to see the true color mana satu KATAK yang cannot stand wearing their face mask.

    Nah true color keluar suda.

    We as the voter, don’t vote because of what we read in the paper and get emotional. Vote because we want CHANGE!

    I like the leaders in SARAWAK, in Sabah Kucar-Kacir suda.

    Me Thinkpen…has so much to voice out tapi takut kena tahan di immigration pula😁


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